C a p t i v e   S a g u a r o 

With this series "Captive Saguaro" the origin of it came to be on a night out, exploring deep within a canyon; I found a sense of security, safety, and assurance while walking through the saguaro forest that night.....the saguaros watched over me underneath a blanket of stars while their unmistakable figure cast an incredible sense of calmness throughout the air.

Over the years i find a continually deepening level of appreciation for these tall desert beings, and I cant help but view the ones within city limits as captive, especially the ones landscaped behind brick, tucked behind the backyard fence, arms reaching out over the walls with eyes looking up towards the telephone poles. At times it feels both fantastical as well as a constant reminder that as the state of development and global resource abuse continues I will see more of them reaching, staring, and dreaming of being back in the vast desert valley wilderness.

This series is dedicated to the Saguaro, an iconic guardian figure here in the west, and one that continues to strengthen the fluttering of my heart.